Our Secret


All GMAT instruction is performed by Mr. Bud Barry.

You can call me Bud.

I have ~25 years of experience teaching Test Preparation. I began teaching Test Preparation in May, 1994 at The Princeton Review.

The first GMAT test was given in 1953

Since then, many millions of dollars have been spent on GMAT research .


Alejandro Vera, Sales Manager at Lindley

“When I did my first GMAT practice test I scored 430. I am confident that it was Bud's teaching abilities that helped me score a 740 on the real test. His knowledge of the test and patience in the classroom made the difference for me.

“He also helped during the application process, helping me to perfect my essays and mentoring me for the interviews. His very professional team in San Isidro also helped me with the TOEFL. Right now Chicago GMAT Prep is the best MBA prep in Lima.”

Claudio Gamio, Consultant - The Boston Consulting Group

“Bud me ayudó no solo en la preparación para el GMAT sino también en el proceso de selección de universidades en EEUU. Gracias a su coaching logré excelentes resultados en el GMAT, las aplicaciones y acceso a una beca.”

Melissa Alvarez, Business Development Executive at Harrods

“I loved having Bud as my English GMAT teacher. He was extremely helpful and fun to work with. He definitely helped me to achieve great results since I scored 98% in the GMAT verbal section.”

Juan Penarrieta, Senior Product Manager, Amazon

“Bud is a great English teacher; he knows his business and has the vision to adapt his classes to your goals. He helped me prepare for my MBA and my business life in the USA. I strongly recommend him.”

Claudia Fernandez-Concha Schwalb,

Product Manager at Bayer HealthCare

“Bud is a great GMAT teacher...but I would best define him as a trainer. He not only shows you how to take the test but he also knows how the GMAT operates inside and out.”

“He can also guide you in the application process and the essays.”

Roni Melamoude, Entrepreneur

“Bud is an amazing professor. He really cares about his students' development and is an expert in GMAT and other standardized exams. Besides being a great teacher, Bud is a great person, which makes working with him even more pleasant

Max Ramberg, Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company

“I have worked with Bud Barry through several MBA and scholarship applications. His work coaching the applicants to maximize the value they can offer is outstanding.

For any student interested in applying for an MBA or just to improve their English speaking, I totally recommend Bud Barry’s work because first, he takes the time to identify each student strengths and second, he clearly understands what admission departments look for.

Now that I am finishing my MBA, I thank Bud for the long hours working together helping me give the best presentation to my career results.”